Kaspersky Pure

Protect your system agains any kind of external menace


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Kaspersky PURE is one of the most powerful antivirus solutions out there. An application that offers total protection agains virus, Trojans and all that kind of menaces.

It offers antivirus protection, but it also offers resident protevtion against malware and spam, working thanks to the new 'sandbox' technology.

My Password Manager is a lite add-on that allows you to manage and encrypt users and passwords. Furthermore it includes something that can be really useful to protect your private information: a virtual keyboard to enter passwords wihtout having to use the real keyboard.

If you have children at home Kaspersky PURE also offers you parental protection to contro the activity of your children in Internet.

Finally, tools like 'File Shredder' or 'Data Backup' will ensure you that you permanently delete files or help you creating backups of important files.

Due to all this, Kaspersky PURE becomes a very important application and something more than a simple antivirus.

30-day trial version.

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